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Governor-elect Ekiti State (southwest) Nigeria Kayode Fayemi (credit:thenewsnigeria)

Politicians carryover politics to leadership but true leaders leave politics behind to better their societies.

Whether you’re a politician in Nigeria or Africa or wherever, exercise restraint while campaigning for elective posts and positions. .

The student planning to write an exam is different from the one in the examination hall and quite different from the one who just access his or her results.

There are diverse offices as well as politicians seeking same and whatever your aspiration remember you’re an outsider not a player and only football players kick the ball with sweating boots ….

If you get there and fail to fulfill them, your followers, opposition and society will not forget your promises. And those promises will become battles that will combat you.

Many were in your shoes yesterday and what they promised but failed to fulfill due to unforeseen circumstances at the time of campaign or for some other reasons, people are now using as tools to campaign against them, so don’t go overboard. 

By extension if you’re an incumbent seeking second-term in office whatever mode if you win it’s another opportunity to redeem your promises and perform better.

To the Governor-elect of Ekiti State, Nigeria, Kayode Fayemi 4 years is like 4 months, and as a senior public servant do your very best and providence will partner with you to experience phenomenal success in office.

Remember Government is continuity and humility of leaders fosters continuity!


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