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Selfie Lifestyle from People’s Republic of Women.

Selfie is self-expression but express your brand sanely, safely.

Weekend is the soft side of the week and women complete the weekend. Events without women come out bland, in fact blank. Women turn houses to homes; fashion to lifestyle and food to meals.

It’s another weekend so let’s see their selfie-attitudes across lands.

Nature-Feelings: selfie pose that whispers ‘hi’ to nature.

Hijab-Feelings: hijab with selfie pose is combo of fashion, brevity and beauty.

V feelings: V-pose … success all the way.

4-eye feelings: Bespectacled fashion and feelings.

Baby-feelings: it’s sea of feelings when baby bump photo-bumped selfies.

Shopping-feelings: selfies add fun, merriment and memories to shopping.

Selfie is a lifestyle. Life first then style your smiles and whatnot.

Be conscious and observe selfies with caution.

{Image credits: 123RF/Videohive/freepik/Youtube/shutterstock/social media}


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