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My Take on Jose Mourinho.

Man. United Manager Jose Mourinho (credit: Getty Images)

Mourinho is a world-class football manager no doubt and he’s won loads of trophies. He’s got his strengths and weaknesses like you and I; and he’s human just like me and you!

Winning games on the pitch is ultimate after all that’s what brings in the plaques but winning players is deeper and the depth last longer.

Winning on the pitch means trophies but winning off-the-pitch sustain victories and amass trophies and turns managers to legends.

Late Stephen Keshi had a special quality which makes his players deliver 110% when the peak is just 100%. His player many times come from losing battles to winning the war and that’s notable and highly commendable.

Mourinho is good but his very best is yet to unfold and it will, if he grabs and garb the attitude of winning with players off-the-pitch – lasting victories!

Players are ready to give their very best for you when winning is the mentality but they are ready to deliver their best 24/7 when winning off-the-pitch crowns it.

I’m not in the UK and Jose isn’t in Nigeria so this channel remains my very best opportunity to express and convey my constructive criticism to you. Players have their issues; managers have their palaver but managing the differences matters most and that’s where leadership complements managerial roles!

Because it’s Mourinho some factors could be peculiar to just you as a manager and generally and practically speaking, some variables could be alive and alert and impactful which I might not be conscious of. Yes as an outsider, so watch out for these variables and contain; the best you might be able to offer in some cases is to manage these variables.

I wish you more success; more trophies and above all fulfilment in your career and more importantly self-actualization in life.


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