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Corporate Discourse (Mr. Candour. vs Mr. Diplomat).

Renowned American IT and tech executives (credit: Google)

Before you go through this article, note that the two friends are chatting, and Diplomat was trying to correct Candour by paraphrasing his words.

Mr. Diplomat branded his colleague ‘Candour’.

Business and Finance:

Candour: Business is life and money is everything

Diplomat: Business keeps the world moving and money makes business.

Candour: The rich own the world and the poor owe them a lot.

Diplomat: The rich needs the poor and the poor needs the rich.

Candour: The rich breathe scent; the poor inhale air.

Diplomat: Air is life; crucial to both but scent is luxury not necessity.

Malaria Epidemics:

Candour: This is mosquito effect.

Diplomat: No, a malaria patient.

Candour: Yeah but he had a date with mosquito and the deal, malaria!

Diplomat: Nope. Mosquitoes are unwanted visitors, nuisance, bad news!

Discourse on Love and Intimacy:

Candour: Men are gods and women idols

Diplomat: Men are the male side of life; women the female side ….

Candour: Money is king; love his servant

Diplomat: Love and money are both kings and servants.

On World Politics:

Candour: Politicians own the world

Diplomat: Resources own the world

Candour: Politicians have resources

Diplomat: Resources are diverse and limitless.

Candour: Money calls the shot in business world; power in the larger world

Diplomat: Resource. Opportunity. Adversity. Whatever makes you stand out.

Candour: Leaders and leadership

Diplomat: God, skills, gifts and talents. Mohammed Ali, Michael Jackson, Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Martin Luther, Serena, Obama, Malala, Mandela, Albert Einstein, Albert Schweitzer ….

Candour: Africa is too poor

Diplomat: Africa needs aids and humanitarian support.

On Gender/Health Issues

Candour: She deserves a thunderous clap

Diplomat: Oh, applaud her

Candour: He deserves a dirty slap

Diplomat: Caution him

Candour:  Still recuperating?

Diplomat: You’ll be fine, matter of time!

Candour: Women are Angelas

Diplomat: Women are angels

Mr. Candour says the way he sees things but you see from the seed in you which could be peculiar to you alone but alien to others. So sow the seed of diplomacy in your mouth and your tongue will seal your words before they jump into the world.

Psychologically speaking now, if you’re not a member of a group be wary of what you say about such. By extension if as a man (out-group member here) you hear, grasp and extend the words, slangs, phrase members of the female gender use – to qualify their body or female species as a whole, you could be instantly labelled a sexist … overtime (potential sexist).

If Africans use the word Ni*** to profile another African but as a Caucasian you join the club it won’t be long before you’re labeled racist that’s if you didn’t bag the title dramatically.

Parents who call their children oloribu*** you also attend the same school with Candour which makes you schoolmates.

If you body-shame female passersby whether you’re bus conductor or music conductor, butcher or baker you’re also the schoolmate of Candour.

If shower insults, unprintable names on your hubby you’re Miss Candour.

Now what type of Candour are you?

Sure we are olayemiogunojo.com

‘Psychology in Diplomacy’.

Diplomacy is calling a street fighter amateur boxer – (confluence between problem-avoiding and problem-solving skills) now the Psychology helps him refocus, re-strategize and channel his negative energy to positive and productive ventures. The attitude when embraced is called Sublimation a jargon in Psychology.




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