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The Phenomenon of ‘Longer Days, Shorter Nights’.

As cool as dawn (credit: junaguelo)

Right from childhood till date I hear the terminology ‘Longer days shorter nights’ but is this really true?

Incidentally in Nigeria (can’t say if it’s everywhere in Nigeria) we’re experiencing early dawn these days and 5:30am is like 6:15am and I’m sure many had voiced Longer days, shorter nights and many more will.

I stand to be corrected ‘longer days’ mean daylight enjoy more lights and so daytime is longer better still early dawn and late dusk!

Now if what we are experiencing right now is what you term ‘longer days; shorter nights,’ then practically speaking it’s not.

Nights come early too. Now if we’re still on the same page, did you realize that daylight comes early but leaves early too? Yes because 6:30pm these days is like 7:15pm. Dark. Darker.

May the goodness of God meets our own good to transform and translate to goodwill to us all.

Have a lovey, lively Wednesday!



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