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‘Beware of Mountains.’

Owambe is item 7 but your tummy is ‘item you’ so beware of ‘extension and excesses’. (credit: Youtube)

Daniel was the type that scarcely eat swallows – semo, amala, pounded-yam … but at one owambe (from Friday through Saturday) his close friends were grabbing ‘mountains’ one part at a time and throwing the balls into their tummies so he decided to join the bandwagon.

But those who live in a glass house are expected not to throw stones.

He ate amala Friday evening and pounded-yam at the reception on Saturday but his system didn’t understand the round objects falling down the ladder (that we mistakenly call tongue) and so it filed them under ‘illegal immigrants,’ to be treated later.

Dan initially felt his digestive system had gone on vacations for the swallows never moved an inch instead they came together to do their own version of owambe.

End of owambe and Dan finally travelled back but 24 hours later he was still as full as the Biblical lions that thought they were hungry yet felt satiated and couldn’t harm Daniel.

The mountains in the lions’ tummies that preserved Biblical Daniel came back and entered contemporary  Dan’s tummy.

Dan felt terrible, horrible and was hungry yet satiated no thanks to the immovable mountain in his system.

His mind keeps telling him, “Boss, the last time you ate was about 24 hours ago so you’re hungry!” but his tummy kept whispering to him, “This mountain must move before I can accept another, so you’re not hungry!”

And that made Dan angry!

Hope you had a fun-filled event?



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