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VAW: Voices at Weddings: Nifemi Weds Dolapo # Nido 2017) (Part II:B)

Interracial weddings highlight diversity in humanity (credit: Youtube)

Former rivals: bride’s mum vs. groom’s mum

Bimbo Olopade: (smiling) My in-law I learnt your family had a missing link with Igbo-Ora town and people, and twins abound in your family, so much so that when any woman is pregnant your people start buying baby things in twos! But nothing like that in our own family o. So tell your son not to come and download twins inside my baby’s body o! Twins baby bump is noise in news.

Lizzy Olapade: So my in-law is a comedian on the inside; alariwo of Naija on the outside! Anyway, your research is correct but you missed something. Triplets NOT twins! So it’s ‘Igbo-Ora Ora’ not Igbo-Ora.

Bimbo Olopade: (putting her hands on her bosom) Mogbe so my baby’s baby bump will be gossiped to her grandparents in far away Isale-Ora, Ogbomoso? I’ve got phobia for twins you’re talking of triplets!

Lizzy Olapade: Eko re! Believe me, for putting microphone in my voice at the introduction of our children my son will avenge with quadruplet on five different occasions!

Bimbo Olopade: Mogbe, what’s quadruplet?

Lizzy Olapade: Give me high five!

Bimbo Olopade: I know it’s four so you added one to it again gbese re o. High six nko?

Bitterness quashed. But as they were chatting and smiling a male stranger decked in pin-striped suit, exotic shoes emerged and quickly removed his suit and threw on the floor and his hunter’s attire hiding beneath the suit sashay out grinning from ear-to-ear.

Stranger: The Rain. THE RAIN. THE R-A-I-N will fall here right now except you settle me with 500K. I won’t accept #499,000:00 believe me!

The two women exchanged glances as if they had rehearsed and Mrs. Olapade reversed stylishly, calculating how to make good her escape while Mrs. Olopade stared the man in the eye and as she opened her mouth to throw out some words .…

Alas continues next time!


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