Bedtime Café (What is Sex?)

Bed and sex and sleep go together. (credit: shutterstock)

Sex is an adventure, a sensuous trip between two consenting adults; it’s an extension of intimate love which is expressed and experienced when the genitals contact and then connect.

The genitals embrace and when they sink and sing together the signals means sync which is pleasure, moans or diverse ringing tones.

Yeah the genitals embrace to exchange pleasure, peak pleasure which is signals of ‘apology and forgiveness’ moving to and fro which helps to sustain intimacy and friendship; after all life gatecrashes love with wear and tear and pleasure triggers love, fun, warmth and these enhance companionship and partnership.

Therefore sex is love and love is about sharing and caring and giving and when this is observed to the letter the sex transforms to lovemaking.

Lovemaking is selfless sex, in other words the interest and pleasure of the other party is crucial, essential and sacrosanct to each spouse.

Ecstasy or the big O is the peak of sex and both partners work as a team to give wings to the other to make such fly and touch the sky.

Now to make your partner fly and touch the sky it’s needful you understand her taste, choices and preferences in bed and above all his or her hotspot.

Part II continues tomorrow night, God willing.

Sweet dreams to you all

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