Bedtime Café (What’s Sex? II)

Sex is the cake as well as the icing on the cake of intimacy.

A skilled psychologist understands the science of human behaviours; a good mechanic is conscious of the various units, parts and workings of automobiles and a skilled surgeon understands the physiology and anatomy of his trade.

Schools are skills and skills mean expertise and experience but schools don’t necessarily mean institutions but exposure. Street is school, workplace is school, marriage is school, sex is school ….

We all love pleasure and women tend to love men who give them gifts, show them attention, pamper with affection and men desire women who make them feel like men – that’s pleasure! Women who appreciate and respect them and fit into, as well as fill the shoes and vacuum their mum gradually and finally left in their hearts shortly before marriage for their better-half to handle and manage.

Sex is pleasure as well – don’t ever forget that!

Being an excellent bed-mate to your soul-mate isn’t about the size of your genitals but the size of your skills, the depth of your knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body as regards sex. A stark illiterate could be good to his partner in bed whereas a college professor could be worse-off in same.

Size and duration. Now if as tiny as fingers are they can make some women who give themselves sexual pleasure high (by taking them to the peak of peaks) then your phallus is big enough and besides your whole body (biggest ever) is your phallus if you understand what I’m saying. If you don’t last in bed it’s an issue but you can remedy by using backup and that will stop stress, fear, phobia and anxiety from gatecrashing your next bed session. However, see your professional healthcare giver.

Your wife doesn’t care what you use to give her electric shock provided you get her ‘electrocuted,’ and ideally that tool or tools should also be your body. Lips and kissing – if your lips can release signals into her and push to her brains giving her pleasure then your other body parts can keep her eternally pleased and satisfied. If you’ve got a selfless mind you’ve passed the first test on sex.

Given similar ingredients, two cooks can prepare fried rice but one may taste better than the other – so what happened? The difference in taste came from the path better still process of preparing the meal not the ingredients because they are exactly the same.

Now if I tell you that big phallus is completely insignificant in bed I’m being economical with the truth but it’s more about skills than size.

Now great sex begins from the mind – are you both on the same page? Sex is pleasure as well as to trigger pleasure and if you’re able to give pleasure, peak pleasure to your spouse regardless of  what you use and how you use same you come off as excellent bed-mate.

Pains and pleasure are energy in motion which means signals are being transmitted and signals are carried by nerves.

Now nerves are resources and if you can tap adequately into them you can trigger adequate pleasure. Your sex organ isn’t just your genitals but your whole body and incidentally the human skin is the largest organ in the human body therefore you’ve got enough surface area (sexual organ) to satisfy your partner in bed.

God is too considerate and selfless. He gave each individual enough. Feel secure about your small bust or bum and confidence will lead you to competence. The skin is an erogenous zone, thanks to nerve endings sited along its route but each individual is unique.

South-south Nigeria is blessed with crude oil but crude oil isn’t found everywhere in the geographical zone. Know where your partner’s crude oil deposits are located, now be skilled in tapping and mining and refining.

This isn’t the end. Sweet dreams and refreshing night’s rest to you all.

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