Gifts as Apologies.

Gifts as ‘I’m sorry,’ release positive emotions from recipients and relieves the giver  (credit: social media)

There are many motivations behind gifting behaviours peculiar to intimates: to show appreciation; to say ‘I’m sorry’ to numb one’s guilty conscience and the like. However today we’re dwelling on gifts as form of apology.

When you hurt your spouse or intimate partner you put him or her in pains and since gifts are pleasure we subconsciously use the pleasure inherent in gifts to envelope and possibly delete the pains. And many times it works.

Women on the other hand prefer to offer sex and so they often use the pleasure replete in sex to delete the pains they had earlier triggered and since men are passionate about sex women use same to bribe them.

This is bribery and corruption – love mode!

Now how many women and men are guilty of bribery and corruption in love?

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