Wednesday Inspiration (Maryam Muhammed Bagged First Class in Law from Queen Mary University of London).

Maryam Muhammed is blessed with unmistakable beauty and charm and electrifying brilliance.  

Nigeria is beautiful and brilliant and it’s our duty to celebrate Nigerians who are doing exceptionally well in Nigeria and abroad.

No one dropped from the sky and so we are all products of families, citizens of nations and whatever we do, good or bad has a way of connecting to our roots.

Maryam had done Nigeria well in far away UK and she deserves our commendation and ovation.

Maryam isn’t just about looks and books but fun and life as well.

Service, labour and diligence don’t shout but success sure do!

Maryam is an awesome brand, proudly rebranding Nigeria in her own little way.

Pictures preserve images and memories and achievements.

An ambassador of our dear country Nigeria and role model to many Nigerian and African youths. (image credits: social media)

We @ are proud of you and wish you more exploits in life.

Maryam is a plus to Nigeria and humanity, are you?

Have a beautiful and successful Wednesday.

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