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Day 2; Week 15 EPL Fixtures and Analyses. (Dec. 2018)

Man United vs. Arsenal is undoubtedly the biggest game of week 15. (credit: Getty Images)

The only teams unbeaten so far are Man. City and Liverpool and both occupy the 1st and 2nd positions respectively on the table. Any team that lose steam and go struggling in the EPL now will lose many points before such wake up from their slumber and return to winning ways; conversely teams that are presently in-form will harness many points in matter of days.

Reason? Too many games in few days.

Burnley vs. Liverpool: Burnley win: 30%; Liverpool win: 35% Draw: 35%.

Fulham vs. Leicester: Though teams and games are now very unpredictable I give the 3 points to the Foxes! After all 10% propensity for the Cottagers to win is insignificant to Leicester’s 70 and the tendency of draw, 20%.

Wolves vs. Chelsea: The Blues know that the Citizens are next and so they need the maximum 3 points and possibly wait for their ‘albatross’ but will the Citizens take the Blues to abattoir right there at Stamford Bridge? One step at a time the Wolves can be very stubborn to the big boys! Wolves win: 30%; Chelsea win: 35%; Draw: 35%

Everton vs. Newcastle: the Toffees narrowly lost their last game to Liverpool but the Magpies were humiliated by West Ham. And today? The one that quickly convert its opportunities and defend well may grab the 3 points at stake.   

Man. United vs. Arsenal: The many wins Arsenal have recorded of late should ginger them but then they are going to Old Trafford to combat their old enemy and nemesis. The game could go either way though Man. United could win without enjoying stolen victory but Arsenal on the other hand could replicate same if they suddenly ambush the Red Devils and net toward the end of the game. Man United win: 34%; Arsenal win: 33%; Draw: 33%

Tottenham vs. Southampton: Spurs may have an edge and possibly win but the fact that the Saints now have a new manager that variable could come to play. Don’t forget the players are motivated and may want to entertain and welcome their new manager before he finally assumes office.

Unpredictable game!



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