Inspiration from the 3 facets of Dare Art-Alade.

Multi-talented entertainer Dare Art-Alade (Instagram/DeolaArtAlade)

Dare is doing brilliantly well in his three major worlds – as a businessman; as hubby and daddy.

He’s smart and garnering fame and fortune in his business; and as a hubby he’s fulfilling his obligation and delivering his very best and as daddy he’s a role-model.

And again aside our profession (life), we hold 3 major offices in love – children to our parents, spouse to our better-half and parents to our children. Many struggle with their spouses but make wonderful parents to their children and good children to their parents but someone who’s b-a-d, really bad and vicious and atrocious will likely release his or her negative energy and influence all negatively.

Are you a positive influence to all these people with various titles in your life?

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