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Interesting vs. Distressing Aspects of Your Job (Interviews).


One basic truth about the workplace is that all jobs have their upsides and downsides regardless of whether you’re an employer or employee irrespective of your office you’ll enjoy the roses ad endure the stains so whether you’re a Governor or bus conductor; trader or teacher; editor or Senator you’ll experience these facts and many times we shuttle between the interesting and distressing events of our professions.

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We’d be interviewing as many employers, employees, staff members of public service, artisans, professionals … males and females and so it’ll be in series.

Our respondents shared their workplace-experiences.



Their Opinions:

“What I like most about our jobs is the opportunity to keep learning every day which is skills, experience and expertise. What I dislike about this job is the attitudes of some customers in that they treat you like you’re nobody and this could be very frustrating, nonetheless my Ghanaian boss in Kano at the time had prepared me for all these and so adapting isn’t big deal.”  – Opeyemi Odesanmi fashion designer.

“The interesting side of my job is when I see my customers – girls, ladies and women looking so smashing like the distributors of beauty I feel fulfilled. On the other hand frustration from customers pisses me off big time. We are professional makeup artists and we know our onions, what’s good for our customers but some of them feel they know more than us and apart from being overbearing they dictate to us at will which I find annoying.” – Bola Afolabi makeup artist.

“The positive side of this business is that every day is opportunity to learn and you keep learning and improving which makes you better, better-off than you were. If I see any unique hair on any woman believe me, I can replicate and source inspiration to create a unique style from that. The distressing sides of hair-styling is that some customers complain a lot when you’re doing their hair: ‘too painful, too hard, too soft …’ some don’t pay appropriately and many times they use ‘make-believe’ mistakes as excuses and so this could peak your anger but with patience and tolerance you’ll consistently weather the storm.” – Victoria Olafemi

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