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Kissing & Kisses as Foreplay and Feminism

Kissing is the mission; kisses the vision; kiss more and say no to division. (credit: shutterstock)

Foreplay is women’s favourite part of sex and it’s the highway they access to be in sensual mode which is mood for sex. It’s what makes them to fully enjoy same and be fulfilled. Your car needs fuel to courier you from one city to another; your woman needs fuel to take you from one part of Korea to another.

You visit the gas station to fuel your car; take her to her own gas station (foreplay) to fuel her.

I always say that food tastes good because our mind is good, stable and this is applicable to sex as well. Sex is pleasurable … but rape is sex yet unpalatable … the reason is because in rape the woman’s mind is bitter and the mind is where sex begins and so instead of pleasure, pains and bitterness erupts from her mind and her nerve endings carry pains in lieu of pleasure and that’s why your wife’s mind, heart should be on honeymoon with yours for sex to transform to lovemaking between you both.

If you kiss your wife it shows you cherish her and kissing is major in foreplay and foreplay is women-based.

A man can enjoy sex without foreplay but not the woman … rape is torture, barbarism, colonialism and very inhuman and if a rapist has the whole time in the whole world he’s not likely to kiss his victim.

Sex is a bouquet. And foreplay (of which kissing is central) is the ‘feminine side’ of sex while ‘penile-vaginal contact is the masculine part and both behaviours work together for the fulfillment of both parties. Diplomatic God!

Take it or leave it, you sing the song of equality, equity, justice in kissing and kisses endorse feminism.

Sex can lie but kissing hardly does. Kissing is usually love but sex may not. Sex binds men who patronize commercial sex to hawkers though the intimacy isn’t rape it’s not deep and men in such circumstances hardly take their time to explore the lips of such women because romantic-love is absent.

There’s more to kissing than meets the eye.

If your marriage is in trouble kiss and hug more and talk more. Be open, be honest, seek forgiveness and the other party should be forthcoming as well.

Studies might discover many hidden facts in kissing. Lips-on-lips is heart-in-heart.

We are made in Nigeria and we are unarguably a leading world-class brand.

Tender night’s rest to you all.



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