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Love in the Contexts of Men and Women

The phenomena of love and lovers add some fun and mystery to life (credit: SIphotography/Getty Images)

An ideal Justina is expressive in life but many times repressive in love; conversely a typical Justin is expressive in love but repressive in life.

In other words (at the outset even beyond) women are not detailed in love unlike men; and they feel that since men are love-hunters their senses should be smart and sensitive. And able to perceive accurately and interpret correctly every signals, cues coming from their end.

But men are not clairvoyants so they can’t read your mind and comprehend your feelings all of the time.

It doesn’t take a long time for an ideal man to say ‘I love you,’ to a woman but it could take months, 2, 3 or even 4 years for a woman to reciprocate. Meanwhile she feels “He ought to understand my body language by now and know I love him.”

‘No’ from a woman could actually mean ‘Yes’ and their many threats are actually flirts but an ideal man may not understand this, and in fact virtually all men at one time or the other misconstrue, and misinterpret women’s gesture in intimacy.

Now who says her ‘no’ didn’t mean ‘no’ and her ‘yes’ didn’t mean ‘yes’ sometimes? That’s why many (perhaps most men) see women as complex. Rocket science.

Sometimes a lady might feel you ought to have seen her heart screaming your name and her blood flowing into your heart and in the light of this she expects you to use her images as your DP, wallpaper and the like.

Now she also uses this event as scale to measure your focus, passion, honesty but if you don’t do that she keeps dragging and delaying her positive response to be fully convinced you’re not fooling her.

Women have their love-language and it won’t be out of place to use same to express and extend your feelings to him. “Something tells me you’re going behind me to woo another lady … I’m the jealous type you know and if I catch you I’ll not breathe your type of air again!” Now did you say you love him? No! But you actually did!

2019 is almost here and many people will be making long-term decisions marriage, divorce … and it’s advisable as a man or woman to key into the flow.

Don’t postpone your goodness, don’t procrastinate your dreams ….


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