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Shaving as Men.

Shaving Feeeeelings (credit: Youtube)

Many men cherish beard, moustache, and many don’t but those who do usually sport their beard in various format – calm vs. wild; black vs. grey; big vs. small; silent vs. screaming ….

Hire vs. fire. Those who don’t sport beard fire once nature hires!

There are some feelings peculiar to some experiences and if you don’t have it you can’t experience or express it. Beard is a feeling; shaving is another and ideally women don’t have hairs on their faces so they can’t, don’t feel the feelings.

Since nature doesn’t tax men and subtract from their blood every month, the feelings and mood swings peculiar to these is beyond their scope same way men can’t express or experience baby-bump feelings.

I’ve known shaving powder and shaving as a kid but many men I know including my humble self don’t use the powder, now do men still use shaving powder? I guess yes but matter of tastes!



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