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Christmas Gifts Inspiration (Feat. Jackie Appiah)

Women are detailed in love and life and gifts itch their hearts. Their first foreplay.

Christmas is about the Birth of Jesus Christ but it’s much more than that because it’s actually the celebration of freedom, redemption and salvation. God Almighty sacrificed his son to redeem us and Jesus is our role-model as Christian, just as Prophet Mohammed (SAW) is the role-model of Muslims.

Jesus is love and He gives generously so embrace giving as well and you do by imbibing the attitude of sharing, caring and giving – to your family and humanity.

As a man it’s high time you appreciated your wife, fiancée or girlfriend for her love, loyalty, industry, sacrifice … and we source gifts-inspiration from A-list actress Jackie Appiah.

It delights women when their family, friends, relatives … ask them the source of their gifts and they say ‘From my hubby.’ It’s like vacation in Miami.

Hair is part of a woman’s beauty but you may not know the exact thing she wants as far as that department is concerned so give her universal gift – money and if she misappropriates, no sweat after all it’s your money, her money not people’s money!

Sunglasses and/or eyeglasses if she’s bespectacled. Not all women fancy sunglasses though ….

T-shirt: know her to know if she fancies this fashion item

Denim: Virtually all classes of women love denim, and many hijabites cherish same.

Jewellery: You may not be detailed enough here. So the gift of money is better.

Shoes/sneaker: Poems and rhymes are friends; women and fashion-rhymes are partners. So source shoes which rhyme with the colour of her bags …. or go shopping with her.

Wristwatch: If she likes wristwatches get her one.

Smart Phones: 360-degree communication is women so devices that enhance same they idolize.

Handbag: women love bags and it’s part of their favourite fashion accessories.

Smiles: delight in seeing her smiles and if her smiles make you happy, you’ll seamlessly make her happy.

Bedroom service – if she can thirst and actually look forward to your bedroom sessions her smiles will double. And smiles here and there will reflect in your home and marriage … and impact your kids.

No haste. To paste electric currents in her hotpots, know your partner’s tastes, dams, and dams with the greatest potentials to generate electric currents. It’s all about generation, distribution and transmission of electricity.

Be her ‘Power Holding Company’ in bed and let her shout ‘Up NEPA,’ though the outside ‘Up NEPA’ is a flop. We still believe someday things will be alright and our children will no longer shout ‘Up NEPA’.


Did you see ‘amebo’ in the image. I did. ‘Amebo’ means gossip. Therefore have time for idle-talk and gossip with your wife, fiancée or girlfriend as the case may be. But you need to be friends, first and foremost.

In rounding off, you don’t necessarily have to be a Christian to appreciate your partner this season.



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