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As Hot as Heung-min Son of Tottenham Hotspur.

Heung-min Son of Tottenham Hotspur is firing on all cylinders (social media)

Football is team sports but individual players are stakeholders and they contribute their part in the overall performance of the team. Now when a player suddenly peaks in performance, aside inspiring and motivating others his input becomes impactful and that means results. Many times as well when a team is motivated all the players perform excellently well.

Son is doing brilliantly and Spurs are better-off. Harry Kane, Dele Ali and Heung-min Son are attackers to watch out for and sure they are hot like their Liverpool counterparts.

In rounding off, Romelu Lukaku wasn’t performing up to his billing but not Lukaku alone in that the whole team weren’t delivering as expected but now that it seems the team are rejuvenated and back to winning ways who says Lukaku won’t be netting like breathing. He needs opportunities to prove his worth!


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