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Our Gait as Signatures (II)

I’m sure the gait Charly Boy uploaded at his wedding deserves several awards maybe more than that of his wife, Diane. (image: Charly Boy)

Interestingly some women walk like men and if not for the package and packaging you might be misled.

Variety, the spice of life. I knew a man in Ibadan and he was conspicuous, famous at least in my world because of the special way he walks though funny it’s quite lovely. He walks like he was an actor made to interpret a special role …. What you work could reflect in the way you walk.

I believe Jumoke the bread seller walks differently from Jumoke the model. The Bill Gates of this world should walk like executives or at worse professionals.

Gait vs. Age. The way we walk reflects our age though our gait as habits may not change much, nonetheless the way a 17-year-old boy walks could be different from how he would walk when he’s 71.

Walking without working. Young girls walk without scripts, no consciousness, no drama but ladies, women walk like queens and have their scripts with them 24/7. They are conscious and walk to impress themselves, their brands and others. If a lady feels a man is coming behind her to possibly woo her believe me her gait will move from 5-star to 7-star.

A bus conductor may not walk like a music conductor and a fisherman may not walk like an advert executive.

Many men are turned down by women they try to ask out and the reason is not unconnected with the way they walk. Our gaits trigger diverse stereotypes and there are many stereotypes associated with various gaits.

“That girl is promiscuous!” – Dave

“Why did you say that?” – May

“Ah so my friend is an A-list JJC. She leaked out her own secret from the way she walks now!” Dave.

“Wonders shall never end! So you can see the texts of her gait screaming ‘I’m promiscuous please ask me out’! – May


@ Image:

You won’t believe versatile Nigerian entertainer and activist Charles Oputa (aka Charly Boy) is 67, he makes people like us feel like we are teenagers.


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