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Cele (PandC) the Celeb (II)

American hip-hop mogul and business man Sean Carter aka Jay-Z. (social media)

The words coming from the two men hurt like steam on flesh. And that was bad, bile to PnC. He got angry and his mind became hungry and he hurriedly bought all he needed. Erase the ‘all’ for he ended up buying what he never wanted.

He later drove his car to the showroom of his favourite car company … and drove out a #120m worth of car which is ‘senior boy’ to the one PnC’s baby mama had driven out of his compound hours earlier.

PnC uploaded the image of the car on social media and the following texts accompanied same – ‘The stubborn metal sank #120m to come up but ‘chicken’ is too big. So it’s canary change to me. We making gains. Haters, bad belle people making pains!”

And that’s the trigger for subsequent dramas and social media war.

PnC or whatever you label yourself; you’re too proud and too narcissistic. Mark my word just a matter of time before you fall.” – Folarin a female critic

“Too much money, ride on man, in fact ride on the backs of haters like Folarin.” – Rooftop crier, die-hard male fan.

And the war went wild. Forming blocs, armies, enemies, allies, and missiles flying to-and-fro.

Be that as it may, psychologically speaking people’s words impact us, same way ours affect them but it’s wholesome to know how to profile and file stimuli. Noise from news. Constructive from destructive criticisms. Honesty from dishonesty. Love from hate and how to thrash without allowing it to stick to your mind and sting your feelings.

Literally speaking two people succeeded in hurting PnC and ‘taking’ unplanned #120m from his account in order to impress and depress (depending which side of the divide you find yourself) plus creating haters, enemies, critics online and offline.

He ‘lost’ more than #120m.

‘Grass to grace,’ is sweeter than honey but the reverse is worse than ‘worst’.

Now the two critics are random people not family or friends and so there’s ‘intimidating distance’ between them so you might not eat their insults again though there are many more where those ones came from but that’s life. Someone far from you has a limit in how far he or she could hurt you unlike family or friends so overlook their shortcomings.

People who hurt others are hurting, and people who monitor you in details have nothing going on in their lives. Someone like me doesn’t have that luxury to be monitoring people’s success or failure for I’ve got many things to attend to and it’s helping me in countless ways.

We need to build our society!

Lessons: whoever you are and whatever you do know your limits in love and life and don’t let people push you to issues, debts, challenges even death … and be conscious enough to invest when life is smiling at you.

If you have something to fall back on then when life hurls its other side at you, you’ll survive and bounce back even better. Many had done others, humanity a lot of good and the smiles, bliss, jobs, health … sowed in those lives are seeds sown in your own life.

In rounding off, learn to embrace positive energy this year. If someone hurts you in the past, move on, reignite your energy and harness the time resource you’ve got this year 2019. Stop fighting the one that’s not fighting you!

Real or perceived intellectual theft in the past should be left behind so you can move ahead.


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