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Cele (PandC) the Celeb.

Luxury lifestyle is expensive though rich and exotic.

‘Cele the Celeb’ is an article about happenings – blessings, challenges, pains, gains, fears, tears, ups and downs, good and bad … in the lives of celebs whether in Nigeria or abroad. And ‘Cele’ is our character that could come in any form or format.

Our legendary character today is Cele (aka PnC: from Parrot and Carrot) a hip-hop star who has about five cars but on this day his younger brother wanted to impress his girlfriend and decided to drive his ‘Grade B’ car to PnC’s garage and later shipped out one of PnC’s stand well well car – hmmmmm memory lane! And Cele’s younger brother drove the machine down Park lane to plush and form.

Some events are birds of a feather and so they roll together – hours later PnC’s baby mama came and replicated what his ‘brother in-law’ did. She parked her own ‘tokunbo car’ and drove off with PnC’s main machine and she had to lie to his security guard that she already informed the dad of her son.

“I’ll return it in 2 hours,” She voiced but her plan was to return same in 2 weeks!

PnC finally returned home from a gig he had attended the previous night and an hour later he discovered his car had disappeared and upon inquiries he found out it was one of his baby mamas – his favourite that hijacked same!

“I’ll pardon you because this is your first time of doing that but don’t ever allow that to happen again. She’s not my wife and not your employer so don’t take instructions from her without consulting me first!” PnC fired hard at his security guard!

Several minutes later he hesitantly took one of his toysthe one at the bottom of his table and he did because two of his other cars needed surgeries and the staff (mechanic) of the company that will handle it was on leave. As PnC was entering the main road one hot, cool babe voiced to her friend, “Ah, PnC is broke … he has finally sold his best two cars!”

And the hot babe instantly changed to cold, chatterbox – yes in PnC’s mind.

As PnC was driving along he was listening to radio; he heard one of his songs twice and was smiling. The song ended and he changed the station. The voice was sweet but the words coming from the female OAP bitter. She was reporting a crime incident ….

PnC finally drove to the facility of a shopping mall and as he was alighting two men in their 20s saw him and he thought they were coming to cheer him up and make him feel better but unfortunately they added more insults to his (yet to heal) injuries.

They walked past him with biting eyes and one of them voiced to the other, “So you don’t know he’s a yahoo plus; he’s just using music as camouflage … but now that ‘soji’ is the last name of slay queens, babes and all ripe female species, female underwear no longer ‘sonu’ and getting them now is more expensive than buying an island abroad.”

Sonu – missing; soji: informed.


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