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‘The Crises of Dogrica Republic’.

They are searching for solutions to their issues but hyena can see that the solutions lie in each one of them.

Dogrica Republic is an island-country populated by dogs. Dogs are skillful hunters and when dogs of Dogrica Republic go on hunting expeditions they come back with lots of meats to eat and share with families, friends, and neighbours. And because they always have more than enough they throw the remaining meats away which get spoilt and then go rotten and begin to smell.

Little-by-little, day-by-day these rotten meats multiply forming heaps after heaps and after sometime the whole country became full of rotten meats and stench took over. Outbreak of diseases …… loading

The citizens of Dogrica held several meetings to resolve the issue until one of them (Rot) suggested they invite Hyena and grant him automatic citizenship. Now Hyena is a renowned scavenger so he would help clean up the whole mess in Dogrica and take the country back to the good, old days.

Hyena finally came and began in earnest to feed on the leftovers of all the dogs. At first he performed brilliantly well but was later overwhelmed and his performance became woeful. He was eating the mess but Dogs keep on dumping more and so Hyena couldn’t keep up and in the end he told them he was leaving for his own country but before he left he said something,

“If you hire 2000 or more Hyenas they can’t clean up your country because you keep dropping wastes everywhere and expecting Hyena the messiah to bail you out! But you can help yourself as Dogs, family and team.”

They were all curious and begged him to tell them the secret.

“Stop throwing your leftovers everywhere! Let each Dog, family burn or bury their leftovers and believe me within one month you’ll see the difference and within a year your country will be as clean and neat and tidy and fragrant as anything.”

Nigerians want a messiah that will transform their country overnight but each Nigerian doesn’t want to be the transformation his society needs.

Hunger makes a man misbehave and the inappropriate behaviours fuels poverty in quantity and quality. The gate-man demanding bribes from job applicants, security agents from drivers … motorists driving against traffic; teachers cornering and eating food (from Government) meant for their pupils; leaders looting public funds, politicians rigging elections ….

We point accusing fingers but forget that our little impact will go a long way. Followers accuse leaders; leaders insults followers but we need one another to make the positive change we desire. But our leaders can begin and champion this noble cause by saying no to corruption and selling the ideology to all. Now who will take the first step?

Now you, yes you start where you are and I’ll start where I am to make the difference we desire which Nigeria deserves and demands subtly from us all.

‘The Crises of Dogrica Republic’ is applicable to all peoples, societies and circumstances. As a husband you treat your wife like a piece of rag yet you expect robe from her; she can’t give what she doesn’t have. You gave her rags so don’t expect robe.

As a wife you make your home hell on earth for your hubby yet you complain that your home isn’t his hobby. Hell is for those condemned after death so you expect him to be living in hell while on earth? No, no way!

Gun control laws and policies are ineffective yet we complain of indiscriminate shooting and killing in schools, movies, shopping malls ….

Parents abuse and maltreat their children yet they want them to give them their due respect; the respect they don’t deserve! Children soil their parent’s good name with atrocities yet they want their parents to love and support them.

You could be a wonderful husband, wife, parent or child but this analogy doesn’t spare you; I’m not exempted either.

Perhaps you complain that your state is the dirtiest yet you throw sachet water on the ground, plastics bottles on the streets … you complain of flood yet once rain starts falling you pack your refuse and dump in the drainage …. Pause and ponder and believe me you’ll know where you’re inadequate.

For a better Nigeria and a better world!

We are olayemiogunojo.com

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