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The Gifts and Resources in People Skills

Social media fans are potential clients of your online or conventional business (credit: Premium Times)

Many people have this special gift which is an admixture of talent (nature) and skills (nurture) it’s appealing to the senses and like a magnet it attracts people, pull crowd and make impact.

Many do this effortlessly and some achieve with little sweat. I see people skills as gift though it’s not out of place to label ‘skill’ because it’s a two-in-one phenomenon.

Now whether this class of people achieve this seamlessly or with little effort, one thing is peculiar to them all and it’s they are very sociable people and this is a form of intelligence. Truth be told fame attracts fans and following but some people in this category are not necessarily celebs but their fans and following intimidates the conventional celebs and socialites.

They are typically extroverts, highly skittish, vivacious, sometimes subtly nosy. They show interest in people and people find them very interesting and open up to them and then the following begins in earnest. Celebs who cherish their privacy have huge fans and following but celebs blessed with people skills move mountains … their coughs trigger hiccups, and many take steaming tea for their cold.

Now CV, skills, contacts, goodwill all work together for the good of the bearer but people skills combines all these under one platform with extra touch. Interestingly your love of privacy could hibernate your people skills. Introverted politicians sometimes team with extroverted politicians with huge fans and following to have headway, calm organizations sometimes partner with loud corporations to achieve some targets.

Mines, crude oil, oil blocs are resources so is people skills. If you fail to mine crude oil, gold or coal it will not generate you resources therefore tap into your talents and make good use of your huge fans and following.

If (better still when) you convert your fame to fortune don’t be too big or unavailable for your fans – support them in ways you deem fit.


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