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When Events Trigger Memories of Your ex.

Your face when you’re in haste but your partner is skilled at one thing: ‘waste your haste’. (pinterest)

To some it’s fragrance (his or her signature Cologne) that brings your ex into your mind; to some your ex favourite music or musician … yet it’s events to come class.

He left Bimbo for Sumbo for some crucial reasons but then because none has it all, he remembers Bimbo his ex, in that when they have events and she says, ‘Monbo’ within 15 minutes he sees her face but when Sumbo says, ‘Monbo’ just take a seat because her ‘monbo’ at best is 35 minutes.

But then Sumbo is bliss in many other areas of love and life but Bimbo, bile and he can’t but reminisce with heart of gratitude.


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