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Bedtime Café (Stressful Night for the Majekodunmis) II

Night’s rest is best in bed credit: masterfile.com)

Once a soldier always one and so Tayo decided to put on his ‘military cloak’ and by so doing he cast away his civilian coat even if he was going to die he wanted to die gallantly.

Though he did brilliantly well in training and transited from civilian to military he absconded when he was drafted on a peace-keeping mission in an African country.

He felt the peace-keeping mission wasn’t to enhance security and ensure safety of electorates during elections but war-zone which means the ‘peace’ in the mission was like putting moni-moni in moinmoin and labeling it moinmoin eleyin and so he absconded and dramatically changed titles, status, mentality and of course personality. He gave up his ‘liver’ and became lily-livered. Back to square one.

Tayo was born a civilian (default) but he became a military man but had to revert to civilian mode.

Be that as it may, Tayo told his wife (who had started sobbing) and children to hide under the bed while he accessed their living room, military-style. He tiptoed to their window, calmly pulled the blind and gently peeped outside. It was a moonlit night and he saw heavily-armed men, dogs and his liver once again fell from civilian to c-i-v-i-l-i-a-n after all he was no longer a military man.

What did he see? He saw many soldiers who had come to conscript him! At least in the eyes of children anyone that carries gun is a soldier or police.

Tayo saw many hunters with their Dane guns and many dogs. It’s dry season and the hunters were on hunting expedition. They are night hunters!

Tayo heaved a sigh of relieve, like a child whose mum finally took her from the arms of Santa. He smiled and thanked his God for giving him guts at least it’s now 1-1 between him and his wife, Ada. Trainings and instructions may hibernate they don’t leave permanently. Tayo is now a soldier but in his own home. Beyond? No way!

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. On their first meeting, Tayo’s mum had jokingly told Ada of her son’s cowardice … and Ada never relented in teasing (not taunting) her hubby for being a coward.Let’s hear one of her lines:

“Tayo, you, you, you call yourself a man! You that was a soldier one minute but transformed to civilian the next; in fact 100% not even 70%. When you smelt war, remember you never saw it with your eyes and to make matters worse you actually saw ‘peace’ but mistook for war because of your cowardice and timidity ‘Mrs. Tayo Majekodunmi’ why didn’t you even change your last name to Majekin’gbe ibon. omo ole!”

Now the storyline had changed and henceforth Tayo will say, “Ada the coward there are many women in the military o. You saw hunters and nearly killed me with a terrible punch, sweat, fear and tears. You also hid under the bed with your children. Cowards. Anyway, let me spare our children but please don’t infect my children with your timidity o!”

50-50: tit-for-tat!

Mission accomplished. Chest out, shoulder raised to the top of Cocoa House, Ibadan; eyebrow raised to the top of cocoa tree, Ife-Odan, now Tayo walked majestically to their bedroom, opened the door silently, walked to their bed, bent down and grabbed Ada’s leg, who screamed, “Tayo, Tayo, Tayo, please help me o, they have kidnapped my legs o!”

Tayo exploded in laughter and slapped Ada hard on her hips and voiced “Shut up and don’t disturb the hunters. And Ada broke out with the song “Praise the Lord my spirit soul and body … praise the Lord ….”

Have a tender night’s rest and remember to pray for our military men at the war-front. They are at war so that we might have peace.

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