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‘Cool, Calm and Collected’ in Fashion.

An admixture of feminine touch with masculine effect.  (social media)

Agbada is ideally men’s outfit but women’s roving eyes and adventure in fashion came wooing and finally winning the style and they grab and begin to garb but because it’s a seemingly new culture to the female gender when women adorn many eyes (males and females) follow them, and if the agbada fits the bearer many more will adore.

If you enter an unfamiliar territory in fashion make sure you pull it off successfully and by so doing you don’t end up a clown in gown but an inspiration.

@ image:

The queen uploads her feminine side to downplay the masculine effect of the attire and she pulls it off successfully and came out lovely, lively in her snow-white attire.

Should we give her 100% for her notable impacts in unfamiliar territory? Bearing in mind her cool, calm demeanour and of course ‘collected’ trait which she x-rays in maintaining sultry balance.


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