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Children picking beans (social media)

We didn’t choose our family but God gave us the privilege to choose our friends and we can vote them out if they deserve same. You must have come across the message trending on social media – a piece of advice educating you on the need to take a seat and patiently pick your friends like beans this year so you don’t crush stones in 2019.

Pains in pleasure. Teeth caressing food is seamless but when stones camouflage and gatecrash and finally join the party it punctures the tyres of your teeth and you instinctively, inevitably stop the marching parade of your naval officers.

If it’s in a restaurant it’s wahala and the experience becomes TAM but at home you need not look at ‘Bala’s face’ before you leave the dining room area to eject the problem child. The latter (at home) is still TAM but 1-star TAM

If you don’t understand the term ‘TAM’ then you’re a JJC on this site, sorry!


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