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As Crucial to Success as Documenting Your Goals.

Alicia Yoon Founder of Peach & Lily Cosmetics, Korea. (thelifestyleedit.com)

Document your goals for this brand new week but don’t stop there – break them down to daily goals to make easier and simpler to accomplish.

Use like map and compass on your professional and personal trips this week

Stay focused and make beeline approach in executing them.

Mark those ones you’ve achieved and target the remaining: your goals for each day.

Don’t rely on your mind, so document! Your mind has enough information to process already, don’t overstock, and besides the tendency to forget is there which could lead to wastes – loss of time, energy and resources. And of course stress.

The major difference between those who document their goals and and those who don’t is that those who do achieve more.

Wishing you the very best of success this week and beyond.



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