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Love as Intimate Transactions.

Two hands touch when demand and supply are met and that’s courtship and marriage. (walmart)

In intimacy the woman owns love and supplies same while the other party (the man) demands it but in this mode of business transactions the woman and the man could meet anywhere.

Now it’s only in intimate transactions that an entrepreneur brags and bluffs and sometimes threatens and intimidates her clients and many times (maybe majority of times) runs away from them and her customers relentlessly pursue her.

In real business your neighbours at the shopping mall, department store, maybe open market might desire your customer and wish he comes around to patronize them but keeps mute and if you haggle but fail to reach consensus and he leaves your neighbours might call after him, “Oga come check my wares now; they are nice products!” This is similar to events in love.

Back to intimacy, the woman wants to sell her products yet she doesn’t want to and in the process of dilly-dallying other women have their eyes on her customer after all he wasn’t showing or fully showing interest in them though a man could simultaneously pursue many women. But let’s concentrate on one-customer transaction.

His neighbour exhibits her sterling wares before him to make him show interest – sometimes on their birthdays or festive occasions they email fried-rice, turkey, chocolate, cake … to him

His classmate never relents in making him see what he’ll miss should he miss her!

His colleague sometimes gives him airtime-credits, lends him money, come around to see to his welfare if or when he’s under the weather … and all these showcase her wifely materials via her caring, understanding and loving attitudes.

His congregants advertise their God-fearing traits before him too to catch his fancy and possibly capture his heart.

Yet the initial supplier keeps covering her wears and possibly running away while others are running towards him. Believe me the Jemilahs of this world are quite similar.

In the end one of these women will eventually sell their products to him and he will buy … that’s where and when their hands embrace (@image) and their intimate transaction is sealed!

Love is good; marriage cool and couples as team, support-base and comfort make life seamless though intimate partners sometimes fall apart and separate or divorce all these are intimate transactions.

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