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Students-Campus Life (Interesting vs. Distressing)


“I earn respect from people – parents, neighbours, friends … reason being that I was at home for two years after I graduated from secondary (high) school and now that I’m in school things have changed remarkably. What pisses me off as a student is the stress of searching for venues for lectures. Many times we move from one venue to another in search of vacant lecture rooms and at the end of the day you’re fagged out and may need some painkillers to assuage your pains.” Olaitan Gabriel Odunayo (undergraduate)


“What I like most as a student is the warm lecturer-student relationship especially in my department, Linguistics and Nigerian Language. As a learner you’re bound to have academic issues, from difficult topics or courses and our lecturers don’t hesitate to bail us out. Transport issue is big deal to off-campus residents and if you come late to class for just few minutes you’re denied access though some lecturers don’t mind and even if they’ve got few minutes to the end of their lecturers they still grant you access.”

Omidan Omotola Akinola (undergraduate)

Expect more on this in due course.


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