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Hair as Data, Air and Beauty.

Hair holds a prominent place in the hearts of women in that hair is the air of beauty (social media)

There are many fashion accessories – shoes, bags, jewellery, sunglasses … but shoes and clothes are indispensable and sure beauty has its  accessories too. Talk of hair, nails, skin … but hair and skin stand out. Women are detailed in beauty as they are in fashion.

Beauty archives many departments and self-love and gratitude makes you see beauty and when you nourish and nurture you grow your beauty and that’s more beauty. Feeling you’re not good enough is torture, neglect and hate.

The place of data to GSM is the same as hair to beauty now data is a resource to customers and Data @ image is a resource to Nollywood.

Data and Hair. Gave us Beauty and charm.  Take care of your ‘data’ and add life to your beauty.

@ image: Nollywood actress Mary Data Uranta.


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