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Schools as Multiple Instructions.

Performing Arts students of UNILORIN: University of Ilorin (

School is the place for learning in multiple folds and the student at matriculation isn’t the one at convocation. Water under the bridge. The ideal 4 years is equivalent to 12 because instructions besiege from multiple angles shaping minds, characters and learning.

Many students who live in 3 or 4-bedroom apartment back home and possibly had one room to themselves wake up to the bitter truth that they will be sharing their rooms on campus with three or four other persons – but in theory.

Many move in with several complaints, “How can I be sharing this small room in fact rat-hole with 3 strangers? Ah what happens to my privacy with these monitoring spirits, left, right and centre?”

Eko is a small neighbourhood vis-à-vis Eko (Lagos) and very soon they will realize that 3 people are small when compared with 10 or even 15. Jumoke in Idumota isn’t Romoke in Idumagbo.

Lagosians who leave Lagos for other cities in Nigeria – Benin, Ibadan, Ilorin, Ife, Minna … suddenly realize they are now JJCs but many (maybe majority) don’t want to come to terms with this fact and they later learn the bitter truth. Many fall into the hands of fake estate agents who collect their money and varnish into thin air, to mention but a few.

Now when these students complaining about 3 roommates finally experience 10 sometimes 15 students in the small room their headaches migrate to migraine. An admixture of legal and illegal occupants with diverse traits, behaviours, idiosyncrasies.

Welcome to learning. You’ll meet your carbon-copies and your opposites and many more along the spectrum.

Higher institutions expose most students to many positive virtue: tolerance, understanding, contacts … whether you accept or reject is left to you.


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