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When Science Marries Spiritual in Miracles.

Pictures profile us but sometimes they are matchmakers as well. (pinterest)

We Africans are fond of praying for family, friends, relatives … via their pictures which I’m not saying is wrong but if you turn to habit then the gesture becomes idol-worshiping. Some churches tell their congregants to bring the pictures of their loved ones far away so they can pray on such which isn’t bad especially to those who believe in the ideology.

In Nigeria many people address the married by the name of one of their children – ‘Mama Ife or Mummy Ife’ means Ife’s mum.

On this day Mama Clara was already in a commercial cab on her way to church when she remembered she forgot Clara’s picture and subsequently alighted.

She hastily returned home and began to sing the song she composed and produced by herself for herself ‘The devil is a liar, the liar is the devil … failure is the devil; come and see the liar ….’

She got home and searched for her daughter’s picture everywhere but couldn’t find any and so she went to Clara’s room, combed everywhere, she even looked at the ceiling, in her own pockets; Clara’s wardrobe, pockets, shoes and finally her bag.

Yet no success but she continued to rummage and was complaining too, “Ah phones and selfies have killed album and hard copies. I’m iyalode and I still have pictures I snapped in the 50s how come my girl born just yesterday didn’t have any? The ones I kept in my room her dad had taken to his station …. The devil is a liar, the liar is the devil … failure is the devil; come and see the liar ….’ Mama Clara had forgotten she had the soft copies of her girl’s pictures in her phone which was manageable given the circumstance.

She kept on complaining and rummaging her daughter’s bag till she finally found one.

“Hallelujah, the devil is a liar. I said it. Idiot Devil.” she voiced excitedly!”

When you don’t have a choice any option is your choice. Clara was a curvaceous and the only picture her mum harvested was one that she wouldn’t have taken if she had choices.

Mama Clara in church. She began to pray for her daughter, “God please answer me speedily, hastily; grant my daughter laughter this year; give her the hubby you voted for her. And God you’re the geographer, cross their path; the Chemist put chemistry in their personalities; the psychologist make their minds flexible, compatible … she has good job, good heart, she’s brilliant, beautiful, loaded, omo mi to pe ready to be blessings to her hubby and family and society .…”

While she was praying breeze from a fan an usher suddenly switched on blew the picture from her hand and took it some inches away and mama pursued … the picture finally fell where some young men were sited and their eyes fell on the image.

The men began diverse cognition, permutations on how to chat mama up and be her ’emergency friend’ to connect with the lady in the image but behind-the-scene. One of them stylishly changed his seat to be in proximity with mama, but mama wasn’t the target but the unseen Clara. Vested interest there.

Long story short, two of the six men who got interested in Clara were mobile and volunteered to go drop mama at home. It got so bad that they almost began to argue and in the end one of them grabbed mama’s hand and took her to his car.

Clara had leisurely, casually snapped the picture which had the potential to attract some men and repel others based on their personalities, nonetheless men who wanted her but not for marriage had been edited by divine arrangement but sure they didn’t give up!

The one who succeeded in the battle was a first-time visitor in the church and Clara’s classmate in their ND days at the polytechnic but Clara wasn’t ready to be his intimate friend and so since the magnet called love wasn’t there life finally separated them. The man made inquiries about Clara from her mum and later knew she was his classmate back in the day ….

When the man left, mama Clara was so happy and began to thank God in her closet: “Once it’s God’s appointed time my God is faster than 4 in fact 5G Internet to fulfill His promises. I just finished praying and about six men had started troubling me because of my baby Clara, so much so that two wanted to fight but they don’t know I was once a lady and all their gesture was triggered by my baby. God I thank you o!”

Meanwhile Clara was living and enjoying her life to the fullest. No stress, no issues for she wasn’t desperate for marriage but her mum was sweating, panicking … swallowing pain relievers for her headache.

God often do a combo of science and the spiritual to execute His plans, missions, projects in that many times He prefers to be a miracle worker to a magician. Take your drugs, visit your doctor … God is science and spiritual.

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