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The Crowd Mentality of People.

People may boo and bully as a group but at times each individual in the group has his peculiar reasons.

If you want family, friends, colleagues to respect your spouse, boss, parents … I believe such is respectable and respectful please respect him or her first.

An ideal Folashade or Fadeshola, a typical Debo or Bode is lazy in cognition because such people do not have the ‘luxury of time’ to think, “Do I need to respect this person? Does he deserve my respect? Is he respectable and respectful?

Psychologically speaking people photocopy the behaviours of others for many reasons and one of them is to belong; in other words to avoid being an odd man out and be labeled eccentric. So once he or she sees respect or insults coming to you such will relay whether you deserve it or not.

They simply release what they receive. It’s an ego defense mechanism called identification in Psychology, pardon the jargon!

This drama also plays itself out on social media, in terms of commendation or condemnation. People have fear and phobia for being isolated worse still, the feeling of isolation isn’t cool. Sometimes though, people express what’s deep down in them and only waiting for a trigger.

Now they say respect is reciprocal so if your spouse or boss or friend or sibling disrespects you, you might release what you receive from such – either in his or her presence and/or behind. And the signals will go to others who will accept and extend.

Humans are social animals and they want validation, approval, safety … so they express solidarity to be accepted or approved in that class or clique which could be in an office, institution, team, class, organization, neighbourhood, political party name it.

However there are independent-minded people who don’t follow the crowd no matter what. They have their minds and are guided by their own principles and mindset and instead of being led and possibly misled by the crowd they follow their pattern. This class are typically leaders and rather than follow the crowd they set the pace for others.

They use disposition not situation to process people, events, situations, so if someone is a criminal (disposition) but everyone worships him (situation) they won’t because they use their cognition to process the person’s disposition and not the situation.

Expect more on this especially amongst school pupils.


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