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Our Diverse Relationships.

Relationships are diverse in life and it range from Platonic to romantic. (image credit: Daxiao Productions/Shutterstock)

Boss-staff is a form of relationship just as there are many others – company-customers, lecturer-students, lawyer-clients; leaders-followers, doctor-patients, husband-wife, parents-children … but as diverse as these relationships and partnerships are we enter it with one mindset: to achieve something but the good news of Amanda could mean bad news for Amaka and consequent upon this the bliss of someone in these intercourse could mean or lead to bile of another.

Selfishness many times kills relationships faster than other variables.

We enter into these liaisons with expectations, dreams, desires and if they are met we are glad, feel fulfilled and keep enjoying but if partly met it could be ‘enduring’ but if we experience the direct opposite of our expectations many of us dramatically or gradually quit and leave which is human.

The boss wants to meet deadlines but his staff is combating burnout from overwork; Shalom wanted loyalty, fidelity and honesty but her husband was a specialist in extramarital affairs and these could end lead to resignation, separation or outright divorce respectively.

Shola started dating Ishola (whom she wouldn’t have dated in her wildest imaginations) because of his money but the moment Ishola got sacked Shola felt the next stage in his life was “Welcome to struggles’ so she absconded but three months later Ishola got a better offer in terms of remuneration and official status. He was earning twice his initial salary and now a full-fledged manger where he was formerly managing in acting capacity.

Shola tried to surreptitiously come back but Ishola’s head sidelined his heart and managed the situation well. Shola wasn’t given a second chance.

Followers desire some things from their various leaders – local, state and federal and they determine the fate of their leaders via their votes. Now if those who believed in their leaders or believed their leaders had performed, outnumbered those who don’t they retain the party or personality but if it’s the reverse they use their mandate to say no to their current leaders.

Be selfless and positive and have a productive day.



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