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Businesses that Rival Jealous Spouses (II).

Pictures like this (which joins boss and staff of opposite gender) in the imagination of a wife or hubby is big issue. (social media)

The article ‘Businesses that Rival Jealous Spouses’ doesn’t highlight customers alone because staff members are stakeholders, players as well so let’s talk about staff members today.

Mope’s husband Michael runs a modeling agency but the modeling agency wasn’t an issue to Mope but the fact that 80% of his models were ladies. Now stereotypes of models and Beauty Queens being promiscuous makes matters worse.

And Mope became alarmed, aghast and could decide to visit Mike unannounced and this was driving matters from worse to w-o-r-s-e.

First and foremost Mope was likely to see what she wanted to see even if the gesture was as innocent as the baby in the womb, and then make a mountain out of a mole.

Secondly she’d behold shades of beauty and characters in their diversity and that’s more insults on her injuries. Now Jealousy coming from Mope could trigger envy in some of the models.

Now Mope could stop going to her husband’s office altogether and resort to calling, thereby using phones to monitor as well as manage the situation. She feels her voice would serve as noise and distract her hubby from misbehaving.

‘Protection of your possession.’ As earlier said Mope could become ‘Mope the model’ most especially if she’s not working and so she begins to frequent Mike’s office to upload her territorial behaviours.

Respect is reciprocal and we respect those who respect us and disrespect those who don’t. Mope the model could begin to prove boss lady (the owner) to the models but she’s not their boss? ….



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