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The Perfection of God as Highlighted in Gestation.

Gestation is females-only college (credit: healthymummy.com)

During pregnancy women ‘sow fats’ on many sites across their anatomy and so their faces, limbs get swollen – big thanks to the fat beneath but the fat didn’t just appear there for decorative purposes.

They are like shock absorbers. More like putting osuka (piece of clothing made into round shapes) on your head in order to put heavy load on same without stress or strain o your scalp, brains.

In fat transfer surgeries surgeons move fat (where they are unwanted) from one site to the other in order to enlarge hips, breasts … and some could go wrong with possible side effects but God had wired the automatic movement of fat to these sites during gestation and so no surgeries are needed though many women later shed the baby fat which is okay.

God who empathized with pregnant women didn’t forget their babies too and He had made provision for their protection from injuries, shock via amniotic fluid and so babies keep ‘swimming’ enjoying themselves in water.

Now if you jump into the swimming pool do you hit your head on the concrete beneath? No!

Hit or falls (on ground …) could damage the spinal chord of humans but if you fall and land on your back inside water (swimming pool) you’re not injured, in fact you’re secure … that’s how God protects babies –  highly fragile and delicate demographics in the womb.

God is perfect! We need His inspiration on countless diseases proving incurable to humanity.

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