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‘Respect or Insult at Sight’.

Brevity, modesty and dignity add to beauty. (Youtube)

When women cover up either as an hijabite or other class of women in our society you’re sending some signals to the general public (especially men) now let’s access the clue, “I’m a woman, human I respect myself and body and that makes me respectable; so please give me my due respect!” First impression matters a lot.

An ideal man will take a cue and give you the respect you deserve and actually demand without being vocal about it.

However when a woman exposes her delicate (private) parts in public she’s whispering to all, “Hey I’m body, sexy, sex, bed ….” and ideal people will perceive the ‘scents’ and focus more on those clues you’re consciously or unconsciously leaving behind.

Now they say respect is reciprocal and since you’ve disrespected yourself a typical man will disrespect you.

“We can see all your TV commercials na yet we’re calling you and you’re not answering us. Are you saying other oloshos are okrikas (low-grade) Or is it for rich men alone?”

Some men will actually say that and if you hear that you’re fortunate (warning sign to you) many more won’t say anything but they had actually filed you in their minds ….


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