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Ideal Age for People to Marry.

Couples range from those who marry in their late teens, early 20s, 30s and beyond (pinterest)

The appropriate age to wed differs across cultures, societies, personalities and demographics so it’s a relative phenomenon. Age 30 for the groom; 28 for the bride could be normal to Amaka in Nigeria but abnormal to Amanda in the UK.

Opinions from Experiences: opinions come from our beliefs and our beliefs are influenced by our direct or indirect experiences. Ejiro’s mum got married at 39 … so when Ejiro (male) was 35 and everyone was complaining, his mum didn’t bath an eyelid in fact she once told her friend, “Forget the fact that he’s got no mane; Ejiro is male, he’s a man he can marry at 50 even 70 so please let him live and let me breathe!”

And many never understood her, in fact some felt she was the author of Ejiro’s fate.

Helen got married at 21 and her daughter Mary (29 single) and pursuing her second degree in the university … but because her mum was making life miserable for her she decided to go rent an apartment outside.

“Of what use is education and books if a woman refuses to have her own family and book a place with history!” Helen told Mary one cold April evening and that was the last straw that made Mary go source her own apartment.

Personality of Individuals

Mohammed a high school school proprietor got married at 29 but his son Yakubu is 35 and single; now Mohammed doesn’t see it as big deal in fact he often says to Yakubu, “Times are different so don’t compare the time I got married to yours but then be conscious of time, do your best and leave the rest in God’s hands. Now note that women will not come and meet you … so go after them like hunters, after all we’re descendants of hunters but the hunters of love are different, for they play their games cool and calm!”

Rasband, an Indian based in Mumbai feels 30 is okay for a man and 27 for a woman; Rasband in New Delhi feels a man shouldn’t exceed 28 before marrying and a woman shouldn’t cross 26 before settling down.

Isibor was an amebo she’s 36 got married at 28 divorced at 29, no thanks to domestic violence but she won’t allow her colleague Ibinabo (27) to have rest of mind. Though Isibor wasn’t a mum and now single yet she keeps telling the whole world that Ibinabo who’s comfortable should use her money to woo and win men. “Today’s men fear commitment but only in the absence of money so let her use her money to trap Johnson or Chukwudi ….”


Cities vs. Towns and Villages: Ife in Ibadan feels 30 is the appropriate age for a woman and 35 for a man while Ife in Ife-Odan (Osun State) feels a woman should marry latest 23 and a man should be a husband latest 27.




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