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Unbudgeted Bills Coming From Dates and Ladies.

Female corps members in a restaurant (guardian.ng)

People say if we’re yet to become rich the attitudes we express are alien to us and some also say what we won’t accept as a rich person we should reject while struggling. Though my audience are people from diverse socioeconomic classes and societies nonetheless the ideal class are the majority in life.

So be that as it may, if you have a date with your girlfriend maybe fiancée and you visited the venue of the meeting and see not just your partner but three, four or more of her friends what will you do?

I know some maybe many will say, “Did she take me for an ATM? After all it was only she I was expecting and must have possibly prepared for!”

Some will input, “I’ll just pretend I want to withdraw from the ATM and abscond!”

Another school of thought, “I’ll buy just drinks for all, now you know conversations, gossips are sweet so our chit-chats will be our snacks!”

The down-to-earth school of thought, “I’ll tell them plainly that I only prepared for their friend, (my partner) and since the status quo is different I’ll only entertain them while my partner and I will see them enjoying their meals and drinks. I know my friend will want to buy something for herself and once she does that and doesn’t include me I’ll leave my smiles behind and leave!”

Theories there and in practice?

Did you know that some will fi itiju karu and possibly pay all their bills and go broke and later go home to start borrowing or begin to pipe garri but that’s if they’ve got some cash in their purse or accounts?

Whatever your reactions or responses, did you know that many times lack of money makes us angry over what should ideally amaze or amuse us and possibly make us laugh? Some class will entertain all and even get them takeaway.

I know ideal wives don’t do that and it’s common with some fiancées but very common with girlfriends especially potential girlfriends but many times the friends of your girlfriends are the ones that will vote for you and endorse you and if you disappoint them at the outset they may vote you out!

Influence of peer groups is that serious, believe me! And many ladies had lost promising men just to show solidarity to their cliques.

In rounding off ladies be considerate and if you’ll be bringing your friends along let your man have an idea of this.

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Val is here. Enjoy your weekend.


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