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How Women Suffer in Silence at First Contact With Men.

Phones are awesome tools in love and intimacy. (social media)

An ideal woman wants a man to take the initiative in many areas of love and life and many times they take the backseat waiting for men to make the first moves in love, sex … yes many married women still prefer their hubbies to voice, make noise, cover miles just to catch them.

As a woman you’re likely to know the person you sync with in matter of minutes, after first contact but if such ‘never bothers’ about meeting you again but you desire with passion a second meeting how do you solve this issue without bruising your ego and pride as a woman?

Samantha meets Smith at the bus stop; Janet meets Kofi at the coffee shop, Yemisi and Femi came close at the shopping mall ….

Samantha likes Smith and she might wait for him to come around or even move away from the crowd so he could walk up to her …. But if Smith didn’t respond to the invite Samantha might feel let down or possibly come out of her cocoon, cook up something to engage Smith and make him embark on the mission she had been thinking and dreaming of. She could ask him about something she already knew just to part his lips for words to drop out and many things about us are stocked in the words we push into the world.Now if Smith finally meets Samantha and they exchange pleasantries and then talk about many things in life and finally end their ‘gossip session’ without Smith asking for Samantha’s contact, the latter might feel disappointed and many times women find themselves in this shoes and sometimes I empathize with them because majority of them won’t dare try go through the hole of the doughnut for they feel they should play coconut in order not to come out cheap.

Alas and they lick their wounds. How pitiful!

Now a typical man may actually desire the contacts of an ideal lady but may not be game enough to ask for fear of rejection. Hello, he’s likely to also lick his wounds, yes for being lily-livered.

You feel he’s not man enough, or perhaps didn’t find you attractive enough; he feels he’s got no guts and his self-esteem might bear the consequences.

Meanwhile you feel it’s a taboo … a boo on womanhood to be too forward with men so you stay within your territory – People’s Republic of Women, to maintain status quo and preserve your territorial integrity. Solidarity.

And solidarity is forever but hey you’re not fighting for your right here.

How about, “Please my phone is misbehaving and playing hide-and-seek, many times it will ring out sometimes it won’t and I feel it’s high time I repaired it … please let me use your phone to confirm if it’s okay for I’m expecting an urgent call later in the day.”

He’ll be too glad to offer you his phone. Now did you rebel or revolt against the laws of People’s Republic of Women? Nope! That idea is just a template you can use the one that suits you or the environment.

Hope your weekend was blessed? Blissful week ahead

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