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Man City Host Chelsea in Week 26 of 2018-2019 EPL.

Man City are hungry for goals and points but will the Blues allow them to make a mince meat of them?

If Man City approach this game as they did in the first-leg and manage to win then the Blues must have lost the game before they accessed the Etihad but if the Citizens adopt the template they used against Liverpool they might smile in the end.

Man City attacked Liverpool aggressively but they were alert and alive to disarm the Reds by stopping them from connecting as a team. The Citizens were conscious and cautious of their backyard and the possible counter-offensive from Liverpool and these suffocating feelings is like pillow of ice in winter. Frost bite. Confusion. Frustration. But Liverpool are hard fighters.

Today two key figures, variables that were absent in the first-leg are likely to feature. Kun Aguero and Kevin de Bruyne and on a good day they are thorns in the flesh of the Blues. The whole team were under pressure in the first-leg and Leroy SanĂ© in particular was feeling the heat the most and his leg couldn’t hit the target early enough and the Citizens were denied goals altogether.

The Red Devils have displaced Chelsea from No. 4 to No. 5 and that’s telling Chelsea to buckle up otherwise they will miss out in next season’s Champions league. And are indirectly calling out the wounded lions in the Blues but a wounded lion is already injured and if not cautious it could fall flat on the ground.

Man City have played very tough games in matter of days and now they host Chelsea, the only top team to have beaten them so far this term. Chelsea have done it before who says they can’t do it again especially when the Citizens are most vulnerable.

Man United have 51 points with (+17 goals) while Chelsea have 50 points with (+22 goals) and a draw will send Man United back to No. 5

The game Chelsea will win or at worse share the spoils is usually gossiped by their defense. Either sides have second-half to redeem their image or do damage control.

I want to see an explosive game this evening but will there be scarcity of goals? Time will tell!

The very best to both sides.


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