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Romance in Homes and Marriages.

Lovey-dovey couple © Masterfile

Couples usually start their marital life with peak romance and as they advance in age and add years to their anniversaries many retire from ‘active service’ (romance).

Some school of thought say distractions kill romance; some feel the ‘familiarity that breeds contempt’ gather to breach their contract with romance; another class might say maturity stole their romance; others feel their career and businesses are the culprits … and all these sure make sense but in reality as people advance in age their tastes change and pattern in love evolve, so romance and affection are expressed in many other ways.

Though many couples still lovey-dovey and even extend to outdoors (PDA) and yes they have been married for decades. Now if you can replicate your honeymoon in your home and keep nurturing by fanning its embers, romance will live and breathe in your home and the good news? Romance add life to love and contributes enough to successful marriages.

But above all our personalities, beliefs and feelings matter and these variables highlight the dichotomies in the way the unlettered class express romance from the elites. So keep the romance. Add fuel to your fire. Romantic passion


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