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The Machines at Etihad Roasted Chelsea. Man City 6-0 Chelsea

The  Citizens netted six times to demolish Chelsea at the Etihad (Getty Images)

Man City are machines, they don’t have mercy on their opponents. Kun Aguero netted three times few hours back to be at par with top league scorer Mohammed Salah with both attackers having 17 goals each. Exactly a week ago Aguero registered a Hat-trick against a top team Arsenal.

The Citizens have sent Liverpool back to No. 2 and both share the same points (65) each and Man City have (+10) superior goal margin. Yes the Reds have a game at hand. Tottenham are third with 60 points and (+29 goals. )

Raheem Sterling netted twice as well to increase his goals to 12; now Man. United have more goals and points than Chelsea. Consistence is exploits, success The Red Devils are No. 4 on the log with 51 points and (+17 goals)

Arsenal and Chelsea yet again have the same points and goals ((50) and (+16) though they occupy No. 5 and No. 6 respectively. Remember Man City have reduced Chelsea’s goal from (+22) to (+16).

The league is very open. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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