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Beauty as Colours and Success.

Country music singer-cum-songwriter Kacey Musgraves.

First and foremost success is beauty and beautiful; charm and charming; it’s a fragrance so it can be perceived therefore beauty isn’t the exclusive preserve of selected few but available to all.

Humans are combo of colours – raven/blonde/brunette … from hair, white from eyes and teeth, brown, black, blue … from eyes, coupled with the fact that you can mix and match colours from your clothes and do remix the next day. Your complexion is complete add spice, colours and life to it from clothes and earn compliments.

Beautiful heart is music of the soul and also available to all so? It’s not about you but about your perceptions and feelings.

Clothes are colours and colours are beautiful so add beauty and charm to your brand.

As a woman use fashion as plus to posh your complexion. Women are finicky about their complexion and incidentally it was a woman (Biblical Eve) … who introduced fashion to life so fall in love with your complexion and flaunt with colours that celebrate your skin tone. You can choose your ‘ringtone’.

God wired Eve and knew she would be ‘Oliver Twist’ so He paid provision for her in advance.

In rounding off, as a man if you feel you’re not good-looking enough, be diligent, be smart, work smarter, make money and you’ll know that money is the female version of beauty. In other words women have weakness for money just as you’ve got yours in terms of their beauty. Even you as a man you’ll fall in love with yourself more and more as you succeed and make money.

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