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Mission vs. Vision of Corporate Organizations.

Business involves brainstorming and sharing of ideas and ideals (social media)

Mission statements highlight the steps your organization are taking; the strides you’re making to achieve the ultimate results – vision. It’s the process, progress and success leading to, as well as feeding your vision.

‘B&C’ manufactures shoes basically for toddlers though some shoemakers manufacture shoes for all age groups.

Now let’s access the mission statement of B&C but before then remember toddlers just join the league of ‘walkers’ and are not yet conscious of fashion and the fashion world but they need some crucial things – comfort, support and fun and then style and class – remember fashion-conscious people – family, friends, fans and followers will see and use their fashion to profile and file their parents and besides kids know and love beauty.

Mission of B&C: fun, seamless and stylish shoes for toddlers.

Vision of B&C: Consistent Friends of toddlers; fans of mothers and family of families from generation-to-generation

The vision could be paraphrased for the public or kept away altogether but sure it’s an inspiration, motivation, policy and working template for all stakeholders at B&C.

Implicitly B&C are saying they are leading, ageless and relentless shoemakers and proudly ‘turning toddlers to mothers’.

Give comfort and support and beauty to toddlers and you just gave them love, fun, charm and warmth.

The choices of mothers are the fashion and style of toddlers …   B&C was Debbie’s favourite brand and signature; picked by Debbie for her toddler Courtney … and Courtney (now mother) picked B&C for her own daughter Duchess and on and on and on like that.

Slogan of B&C ‘… don’t make fun of your kids; get them fun’.

Mission vs Vision in Details:

Aisha wants to make straight As (distinctions) in all her subjects in WAEC; Mariam wants to have minimum of five credits which includes English and Mathematics while Lantana wants to pass all her subjects (eight in all) with minimum of credit in each subjects.

Now something binds the three ladies together which is they want to have the right O’level papers in order to secure admission to college but then each one is unique in her desires and expectations.

Let’s assume they are at par in terms of brilliance so that means the time resource (mission) they will sacrifice on their studies will differ based on their vision. Aisha will expend more time (in terms of quality and quantity) on her studies than Lantana and Lantana will do better than Mariam.

To this end the mission hence mission statement of each organization in the same industry will differ based on their vision.

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