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Road-Safety Precautions to Pedestrians.

Motorists and pedestrians use our roads and highways (social media)

Whether you own a car or not you’ll use the road one way or the other and that makes you a pedestrian so this article is for all. When you’re crossing roads and highways make sure you see the whole breath of the road for many times it’s the length we sight and size before crossing.

Unfortunately many had lost their lives and limbs while trying to cross the road because they had mapped and managed to beat an upcoming vehicle only to be hit by another trying to overtake the one the pedestrian had seen and made provision for.

A commercial driver in a city was explaining to me some time ago how a pedestrian was trying to beat a tanker (articulated vehicle) and had succeeded but was hit at the other side by a motorist trying to overtake the tanker.

The pedestrian didn’t see the car and the motorist never knew a pedestrian was trying to cross the road while he was also trying to overtake the tanker. How pathetic!

Sometimes two pedestrians crossing a road from two opposite ends (east and west) may suddenly meet or even collide in the middle of the road meanwhile they only made provision for quick crossing and colliding could be grave. Note this as well.

Two people (family, friends) trying to cross the road sometimes trigger confusion – one wants to cross the other wants to pause and wait for the appropriate time to cross and this could be risky.

Many drivers of vehicles attending or coming from political rallies are very reckless and sometimes they cause havoc, mishaps on our roads. I guess it was an FRSC official who raised an alarm not too long ago and I’m sure many of us as motorists, commuters, or pedestrians must have seen them driving like fayawo (car smugglers).

FRSC officials have a delicate task here.

Have a safe week.


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