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TAM (That Awkward Moment: Adams vs. Hector)

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Adams caught his son Hector eating his meal and he shouted at him, “Thief, thief … will you leave that place now otherwise I’ll beat you black and blue?”  but instead of being sober Hector looked his dad in the eye and said, “I’m not a thief even if you had caught me red-handed that makes me a suspect not a convict and that’s defamation, character assassination, campaign of calumny and I’ll call my lawyers right away!”

What will you do? Let’s see the responses of these fictitious characters:

Edet in Lagos, Nigeria: “I’ll withdraw him from his school and put him in another where moral instruction is major!”

Ted in London: “I will let him realize I’m the president of my own home and family and domestic laws, ethics differ from policies in the societies!”

Naomi in Australia: “I will laugh it off that day but hence forth I’ll be his home teacher (informal teacher) and train, tutor, monitor his life to contain his excesses and ground him in moral instructions!”

Philips in New Zealand: “Oh, I’ll be happy my son is beginning to know his rights, I might encourage him to study Law!”

Kwame in Ghana: “I will beat him black and blue!”

Akshaya in India: “That’s obviously an eyeopener; he’s been receiving misguided instructions maybe from his peers or teachers or from the Internet and needs to be guided and I’ll make sure I correct all the wrong instructions in his little mind!”

Note: individual opinions above isn’t about societies but based on each respondent’s personality and beliefs and any of the characters could express any of the opinions. It shows we perceive similar situations in dissimilar ways. Nonetheless we’ll certainly highlight this issue in the future.

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