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Prepaid Electricity Meters for all Electricity Consumers in Nigeria.

This is jungle of wires (pulse.ng)

Smart people choose and use smart phones but if their host society is still using analogue electricity meters they are smart yet unsmart. The reason is you’re your society and you can hardly separate a man or woman from his society.

In this age and  time Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOS) staff members shouldn’t be carrying ladder o their shoulders up and down to disconnect electricity wires or reconnect same.

Cutting electricity wires could be likened to a woman whose hair got infected with lice and so she spontaneously and passionately cut – remember an ideal woman nurture her hair while men torture (cut) their hairs. Now reconnecting electrical wires is like the same woman who cut her hair now crying over ‘spilt milk’ and goes back to her stylist to remedy the situation but do you blame her? She was helpless given the circumstance.

Now electricity consumers and customers need to pay for the services they are enjoying otherwise the company will run down; after all it’s not an NGO. But many don’t pay their bills and many more complain … because the company is cheating them – with crazy bills of course. And this is true!

There are instances where bills come to consumers with sleeping, snoring and jobless transformers, no thanks to one disease  or the other afflicting the machine, so power supply don’t get to homes under the services of such transformers. Meanwhile the residents are still gathering money to repair or source another when bills from DISCOs come calling. How bad!

There are cases where the whole family members or occupants of a building travel and return home to be welcomed by electricity bills … by extension many of us who had lived in various towns and cities and rented many apartments sometimes hear this weird news – “The former tenant(s) had consumed electricity … and you’ll have to offset part of the debts ….”

Good news habouring sad news. Stable but unripe power supply – sometimes electricity come with ‘low-voltage packages’ for several hours at a stretch spanning several days, at times power is restored and taken within 10 minutes for many days in a month if not throughout the month under review yet your billing at the end of the month doesn’t change and so on like that.

The Journey of the Children of Israel. Many Electricity Company staff members still observe same in Nigeria for they go about distributing bills, reading meters, disconnecting, reconnecting … and that’s waste of time and energy and resources and prepaid meters will put full stop to that or at worse reduce the stress and labour of this staff 70% and the manpower hours, energy will be put to productive use.

Bribing of staff members of these companies will end. Calling neighbourhood electricians to reconnect behind DISCOs staff will expire; consumers trying to reconnect their wires by themselves and the associated risks involved will stop even risks to DISCOs staff will plummet. Incessant attacks on staff of these companies will end etc. The job of these staff members (who are Nigerians) is at stake if consumers don’t pay and if they go about their legitimate businesses they are beaten up by their customers (Nigerians here too).

One needs to source money for his employers to preserve his job, another says he didn’t enjoy the services they are billing him for and then arguments ensue and fists may later gather momentum to intervene and possibly stop the hot words from going to and fro but then hands connote palms, fists which translate to slaps and punches leading to pains and curses!

The system bringing Nigerians against Nigerians.

Much as we don’t want DISCOs to cheat us we don’t want them to be cheated as well so staff members of these companies shouldn’t go to sleep if (I pray when) we all have prepaid metres. Therefore they should monitor and request for bills from their customers to avoid their consumers manipulating the devices and defaulting in payment of their bills.

We want prepaid meters across Nigeria and Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) should expressly, passionately and consistently intervene in this matter till we all have these devices in our various homes and offices.



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